F & Q

Q: Do you take walk-ins, or do I need a appointment?.

A: We’re happy to take walk-ins when we can, but we can’t guarantee availability. It’s probably a good idea to make an appointment. We offer free design consultations with an artist, but recommend scheduling these in advance to allow both you and the artist the time to plan for this meeting. It is best to bring any and all references to this meeting to help the artist understand your vision most accurately.

Q: How much will my tattoo cost?

A: We charge £70 per hour but the overall cost will depend on a number of factors- how large it will be, whether it is color or black and grey, how well you sit, the placement of the tattoo and the amount of detail in the design.

​Q: Are you able to do cover ups?

A: While it is possible to cover some tattoos all cover-ups require extra attention. We will need to see the tattoo you want covering first (ideally in person).

Q: What should I do to prepare for a piecing/tattoo?

A: You must bring photo ID, such as a drivers license, or passport. we cannot perform services on anyone without a copy of their ID on file.Eat something substantial an hour or two before getting pierced. This will help support your blood sugar level.


Avoid alcohol, aspirin, excessive caffeine, and all recreational drugs for 24 hours beforehand.